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Search Engines and Full Time Searching

Its true what they say about searching for a job being a full-time job. There are multiple different ways to search for a job anymore that it can be a little overwhelming at times to know where to start, the best way to search or which websites are the best. I have noticed that when I do a job search any job searching website, (i.e. CareerBuilder, monster, LinkedIn) that when I type history, historian, social science or social scientist that I tend to get job results like RN, engineer, IT. Engineering and IT are popular areas now since they are in demand fields. Which makes since that those are what appear first but it just makes the process more time-consuming. It is just a matter of finding the right balance between work, if you are lucky to find any, and looking for a new and better job. In the mean time I will continue to use those search sites but not as the only way to look.

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